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Submission starts now, right away - and ends at the 31th of December 2021!!!

If it does not work on your cellphone, try a computer, we tested several times, and
both are working! Also the PDF can be downloaded, maybe then it is a provider problem, or PDF reader problem, or something else we cannot fix! 

Download, print it, fill out,sign it, scan it, and return to us, with your music, the photos, the biography, or the links we need. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible for us to handle this differently!
We did not want it this way, but we have no other choice!

The Categories!

Traditional Original

Traditional Cover

Modern Country Original

Modern Country Cover

Country Rock Original

Country Rock Cover

Country Pop Original

Country Pop Cover

Country Blues Original

Country Blues Cover

Country Voice of the Year

Country Voice of the Year

Country Song of the Year

Country Song of the Year

Best Country Voice of the Year

Best Song of the Year Original

Most appriciated Country Artist of the Year

Country Music/DL (Diff. Language) Original

Most appriciated Artist of the Year All Genre ( none Country)

Best Song of the Year/ All Genre Orig. (none country)

Best Voice All Genre (no country)

Best Cover Song All Genre

Native American Style Original

Folk Original

Folk Cover

FoPo Hike Original

Americana Original

Americana Cover

Pop Original

Pop Cover

Rock Original

Rock Cover


Blues Original

Blues Cover

Jazz Original

Jazz Cover

Bluegrass Original

Collaboration in Music 

Tribute Act of the Year

Gospel/Christian Original

Gospel/Christian Cover

Christmas Original

Christmad Cover

Rock N Roll/ Rockabilly Original

Rock N Roll/ Rockabilly Cover

R&B Original

R&B Cover

Soul Original

Soul Cover

Easy Listening Original

Wedding Love Songs Cover

Latin Music Original

Best Live Appearance All Genre

Video of the Year

Schlager Original

Deutsch Pop/ Rock Original

Instrumental Music Original

Film Music Original



Shining Star (15- 24)

Upcoming Star (10- 14)

Twinkle Star (6-9)

Pop Youth

Songwriter of the Year

Musician of the Year

Entertainer of the Year

Producer of the Year

Record Company of the Year

Management Company of the Year

Promotion Company of the Year Professional

Promotion Company of the Year Hobby

Best Online Magazine

Radio Host

TV Host

Photographer of the Year

No submissions for this area!!!

Hall of Stardom

Lifetime Achievement

Fair Play in the Music Business

Humanity Award

We ask:
1) Indicate your genre and the song.

2) Please send your music to us in MP 3. Make sure it will not be karaoke. Your music should be of good quality.

In the last nominations, very good artists lost the chance for an award, because they did not controle, what their representative has sent us and it has cost them their victory, as their MP 3  jumped several times and that was a pity.

3) Photos of you should be send in high resolution, at least 300 dpi, in vertical and at least 3 photos.

We do not accept photos, which are of bad Quality!
The photos must not be pixeled, or blurred.

4) In addition, we need a biography of you and one like where you come from and which country you represent, that can be different. In the bio should be written something of you as a person and not how much awards you have won, where and with whom! If you have problem to put something together, ask family and friends!

5) Please download the PDF File below, fill it out and send it back to us, together with all we need. It will only be used for this award show and then directly afterwards destroyed. It is about your name, song, title etc, many misunderstandings will be already switched off  by this formular in advance.

It's nice if you can send everything in an email! This is possible and easy to realize about Wetransfer! This is safe and free and you can send many things at the same time!

Everything should be send to this email address:

Do not send to other emails you know. Your applications are only processed via

Consider  before you start in which category you want to participate.
If you want to be represented in several categories, that is fine with us!
More information in the PDF below!

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